Wednesday, December 5, 2012

HUGE American Girl Doll Savings!!!

If you know me at all, you know my daughter is obsessed loves American Girl dolls. Here is an incredible deal!

Unfortunately for me, we already have Cecile, and I have already purchased her Christmas gift. But maybe some of you would like to grab this while it lasts!


It is part of Today Show's "Jill's Steal & Deals"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back To School Ad Prices!

Whether you plan on shopping around or price matching, here is a comparable list for you. 
These are prices from the ads themselves, so let me know what you find if you are out shopping and see a better deal somewhere!

It's back to school time again!!!!
1 subject spiral 70 pg    .20    (limit 15)
2 pocket folder   .10        (limit 10)
Bic mechanical pencils 5 ct  .99
Bic highliters 5 ct   1.50
Loose paper 150 pc   .79
Pilot pens 2ct   1.50

Price Cutter
Bic stick pens 10 ct   .50
#2 pencils 10 ct  .50
Elmer's 2ct/4oz glue    .50
Crayola crayons 24 ct    .50
Loose paper 150 ct     .75
120 sheet 3 subject spiral   .99
Sharpie gel pen/ highliters 2pk    1.49

Crayola markers/ colored pencils   .99
Crayola crayons 24 ct   .29   (limit 10)
Pens 10 ct   3/$1.00

School box   .50
5 pk mechanical pencils   .50
Composition books   2 pk  .25
Erasers 3 pk   .25
Bic gel pens 2pk    .25
Bic dry erase markers 4 pk $1.00
Sharpie 5 pk   $1.00
Glue stix 4pk   $1.00
5 inch scissors 2 pk    $1.00
Pilot highliters 3 pk   $1.00
Kleenex 2 pk    $3.00
#2 pencils 72 ct   $10.00

Office Max 
Clorox wipes    $3.00

GermX 12oz    $1.98
Wet Ones 35 ct    $1.98
Elmers 2ct stix/40z   .50
Ruler    .97
Bic pens 10 ct   .97
Kleenex 10 pk   $8.57

2 pocket prong folders    .49

Composition notebooks    .17

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ad Picks of the Week February 1-7

Here it is, my picks from the ads for this week! I see a lot of duplicate prices, so maybe I didn't list everything everywhere, but you can use this list to price match (if you're into that!) There were still a hnadful of good coupons on Dede, as I just placed my order this morning.

^ Means there is a coupon on Dede's site available.
# I have had/ have seen coupons for these items lately. Check your stock to see if you might have some left.
~ This means "Darn Good Price" and I might be stocking up whether I have a coupn or not.

  Good luck and happy shopping!

Country Fresh
~Boston Butt 1.49/lb
Best Choice Hotdog/Hamburger Buns .99
Lay's or Tostitos 2.50
#Kraft chunk/shredded cheese 5-9.6 oz 2.00
#Coke 2 ltrs .99
Kraft Mayo 30 oz 2.50

Price Cutter
1 Day Sale- Sat 2/4******
~8 oz Shredded Cheese 1.50
Doritos 11 oz 1.99
~Hiland 56 oz Ice Cream 1.50
#Kraft BBQ sauce 18 oz .49
~BC Chicken Breasts/Tenders 3 lb bag 3.99
Ragu Sauce 3/$5                ^$1 off 2
Heinz Ketchup 30 oz 2.00
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 2.00                   ^ .40 off 1 (dbles to .80 off 1)
~Hiland Butter 1.99
Rotel Tomatoes .88
#Hefty Plates 50 ct 3/$5
Yophoria .69
Tyson Anytizer BOX 10-13.25 oz 2.50
Lloyd's BBQ Tub 3.49            ^ $1 off 1

Little Debbies 1.25
#Hormel Pork Tendrloin 5.99
~Bugles, Cheerios, Gardettos, Chex Mix Snack 4.44-8.75 oz 3/$5           ^ Chex Mix .50 off 2
#Kraft Cheese 4.5-8 oz 2.00
~BC Apple Juice 96 oz .99
Gen Mills (cinn/honey nut cheerios, cocoa puffs, gold grahams) 12 oz 2.00       ^$1 off 2

~Avocados .29 each
Roma Tomatoes 20 oz .99

~Lay's 1.88
Hyvee Aluminum Foil 25 sq ft .99 ( in ad store coupon for this price)
#Doritos, Tostitos, Ruffles 13-18 oz or Tostitos Dip 23-24 oz 3/$10
~Hyvee 2 ltr Soda .59
Duncan Hines Cake Mix .99
Green Giant Canned Veggies .79
Ragu Sauce 1.50 ( in ad store coupon, buy 2 get 1 pasta free)     ^$1 off 2
Kraft BBQ Sauce .99

Murfin's Points Deals*************
12pk 12 oz Dr Pepper 2.99
BC Salsa 24 oz 1.39
Hiland SC/Dip 16 oz 2/$2
Hiland Ice Cream 56 oz 2.88
Williams Sausage Rolls, Patties, or Links 12-16 oz 1.69
Windex 26 oz 1.29
AnyTizers 22-32 oz 5.99     ^ $1 off 1
Hot/ Lean Pockets 6/$10 (1.66 ea)
Ragu 3/$5 (1.66 ea)         ^ $1 off 2
Vlasic Pickles 2.00      ^.75 off 1
Texas Toast Croutons .99
#Zatarain's 3/$5
Red Gold Tom w/Chilies .50
#Reames Frozen Noodles 2.00
#Kraft Crumbles, Chunks, Cracker Cuts, Cubes, or Shredded Cheese 4.5-8 oz 2.00

$5 off 10 Deals (I am showing the FINAL price if you buy in quantities of 10-mix n match)********
#Philly Cream Cheese .99
#Pepsi 2 ltr .99
Hormel/ Chili Master Chili .78     ^ .55 off 2 (which is doubled to $1 off 2)
#Kleenex .99
Ragu 1.26           ^ $1 off 2
Shells & Cheese 1.29
#Capri Sun 1.49
Heinz Ketchup 40 oz 1.79
Kraft Mayo 22-30 oz 2.79
#Tostitos Chips, Dip, or Queso 2.49
Kroger OJ 2.99 Gallon
~Sobe .75
#BumbleBee Tuna 2.5 oz Pouch/ 3.5 oz Can .78
Propel .49
#Axe Shower Gel or Degree/Dove Deod 2.99
Kingsford Charcoal 6.3-8.3 lb 4.49
Easy Mac/ Shells & Cheese Individuals .49
Hunt's Tomatoes/Paste .49          ^.45 off 3 ($1 off 3)
Kraft Singles 1.99           ^.55 off 2 ($1 off 2)
Brawny Paper Towels 608 Rolls 5.99    ^ $1 off
Anytizers 5.99     ^$1 off

Remember, when Price Matching at Wal-Mart, you can swap the generic store brands for the Walmart generic brand!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Springfield/ Willard Ad Highlights Jan 25-31

Here are some of the goodies I picked out for the week. This is not ALL of the good deals, just sharing the things that catch my eye. There are several sales this week that you can find or might already have coupons for!

*means a coupon/coupons are available

(some products require specific number of purchases for these prices)
Doritos 2.50 *
Anytizers 5.99 *
Milk 2.99 * (Murfin's ad has $3 off milk wyb 3 Kellogg's Special K products)
Kraft Easy Mac Singles/ Shells n Cheese Singles .49
Frito Lay 1.99
Ore Ida frozen potatoes 2.49*
Sunny D .99*
Sobe .79
Kraft Singles 1.99*
Post Cereals 1.99 *
Kraft Mayo 2.79*
DiGorno Pizzas 4.99*
Hunt's Tomatoes or Paste .49*
Tostitos Chips or Dip 2.49*
Ritz/Nabisco Crackers 1.99*
Phily Cream Cheese .99
2 Ltr Pepsi .99 *
Kleenex .99*
BumbleBee Tuna .78 *
Hormel/Chili Master Chili .78 *
Capri Sun/ KoolAid Coolers 1.49 *
Axe Shower Gel (12 oz) 2.99*
Butterball Turkey Bacon 2.50 *
Kraft Dressing 1.79 *

Kellogg's Special K cereal 3/$9*
IN AD COUPON for $3 off milk with 3 purchases of Special K products. Multiple Special K coupons are out there~ I have seen flyers at Murfin's and Walmart on Special K displays.
Grapes 1.39/lb
McCormick Mixes 3/$2
Wolf Chili 2/$3*
Healthy Choice frozen dinners 4/$10
Smart Ones frozen dinners 4/$10
Smart Ones Classics5/$10
OreIda frozen potatoes 2.50*
Murfin's Points
BC grade A Doz eggs .57
Farmland Bacon 1lb 2.19*
BC Saltines .79
BC Corn Flakes 18 oz .99
BC Soda 12pk 12oz 1.99
Era 26-32 use 2.99
Ronzoni pasta .99

Price Cutter
General Mills Cereals 2.00
Kraft Singles 1.49
McCormick Mexican Seasonings .50
McCormick Grinders 3/$5
Reames frozen noodles 2/$4
Jimmy D's frozen breakfast items 3.99*

These items might be good for price matching at Wal-Mart. These stores either are too far away to drive IMO, or don't double coupons.
24 oz Hyvee brand ketchup .69 (match to WM's store brand)
Prego 1.77*
SpaghettiOs .59
Campbell's condensed soups 1.00*
Special K bars/ crackers 2.50*
Asparagus 2.68/lb
Tyson chicken breasts 1.69/lb
Pineapple .99
Carrots 1lb bag .49
Avocados .29 ea
Save A Lot
Boneless chicken breasts or tenders 1.49/lb
Boneless pork chops 1.49/lb
Country Fresh
Chicken thighs/drumsticks .99/lb
Strawberries 2.50/lb
Boston Butt 1.49/lb
Pork Steak 1.59/lb
BC russet pot 10lb bag 2.69
Navel Oranges .20ea
Hormel Little Sizzlers frozen .99 (limit 4 w/$10 purchase)

I ordered my coupons from Dede yesterday, and hope to report great savings next week when I do my shopping. Good luck to you all!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Deals~ Picks Of The Week

After doing my researching for price matching and couponing in the Springfield/Willard area, I thought I might take a minute to share. This is not a compilation of ALL the deals in the area, just the things that caught my eye.
Remember~ Wal-Mart will price match other stores' sales. That is the main purpose of this post. You can save yourself a lot of running around by getting it all in one spot. But beware the draw of Wal-Mart if you choose to shop there. You will be drawn to buy more than you came for if you stay in very long! That is one of the reasons I sometimes wait until it's getting close to time for the kids to get out of school...I have a definite timeline and have to pay attention to the clock!

So these are the items I might perhaps price match at Wally World this week. Of course, depending on the stores that double q's, you may choose to make the trip to that store (Dillon's and Price Cutter) Also know that Murfin's will not double anything on their points sales. You CAN price match these points items at Wally without having to worry about how many points you actually have!

Area Sales January 3-9 2012

Kraft Dressing 1.19 (40 points)  ((q 1.00 off 2)
Campbell's Tomato/Chicken Noodle soup 2/.88 (40 points) ((q .25 off 3?)
Starkist Tuna .49 (40 points)
Hiland Gallon Milk 2.95 (40 points)
(Country Fresh)
Kraft Shells & Cheese 1.49
Lay's Potato Chips 1.89
(Hyvee) ((*denotes 2 day sale thurs & fri only)
*Blue Bunny 1.75 qt ice cream 2.50 (q1.00 off printable available from Blue Bunny website)
*Generic Shredded Cheese~ 2 cups 1.25
*General Mills Cereal 1.77 ((q varied)
* Hyvee Russet Potatoes 5 lb bag 1.18
Smart Ones Frozen Entrees 2.00    ((3.00 off 10)
Lloyd's BBQ Tub 3.99  ((q 1.00 off)
Kiwi .20 each
Blueberries 2.50
Pineapple .99
Oranges 4lb bag 1.48
(Price Cutter)
Tostitos Family Size 3.00    ((q varied)
Charmin 20 dbl roll 6.99     ((q .25 off or 1.00 off 2)
Pantene 3.49       ((q 3.00 off 2)
Johnsonville Sausage/Brats 2.99   ((q 1.00 off)
JennyO Turkey Burgers 6.99
Skinless Boneless Chicken Breasts 1.89/lb
Old Spice/ Secret Deodorant .99      ((q 1.00 off 2)
Herbal Essences Haircare 1.69     ((q 1.00 off)
Tide 32 load 4.99               ((q 2.00 off)
Hunt's Snack Pack 1.00         ((q-.45 off 3)

Good luck! Let me know if this list is of any help to you all and feel free to repost for others to see. If enough people respond I may try to keep the list coming to you on a regular basis.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

They CAN mess it up again, after all!

(The product I am about to complain about will remain anonymous for the sake of Christmas anonymity)

Greatly annoyed.
Tired of talking to people on the phone who don't understand what I am saying.

I am not usually an online-ordering kind of person. I like shopping. I like to ramble through the clearance aisles, check out the goodies all around the store, and actually hold the product in my grubby little paws before I buy it. That way, if it's the wrong thing I have no one to blame but myself. And I can return it :)

So this Black Friday deal comes along (technically before Black Friday even) and I snatch it up. Or so I thought...

Skip ahead the week and a half that I anticipate my item arriving safely at my door. I bypass this same item in stores and on other websites. Waiting patiently. And then it comes.

"WHAT? That's not what I ordered..."

So I make the first call. Explaining my dilemma, I try to make the lady comprehend what it is that the mistake was, and what I want (strangely enough, I want the item I ordered). She is full of canned responses "I am so sorry for your inconvienience" and "I am happy to assisit you with that".
Not really believing that the correct item is going to arrive, I give it a try. We reorder. They eventually figure out how to refund me the amount they overcharged me for the second item (because it is no longer a Black Friday price).

And then guess what? My new order came in today! You'll never believe this, but they managed to send me~

Wait for it~


You guessed it.

The wrong item.

I have called the local store. No help there.
I had emailed the "Customer Services" earlier, and also received a canned response which in no way asnwered the questions I asked. Why bother doing that again?
I have talked to at least 3 people with the online services today. Worthless.

(I had to spell the product to them. SERIOUSLY. They had no clue)

So maybe a Better Business Bureau complaint? Why, yes! They have 18,000 complaints this month. I'm sure they really care about resolving my issue.

The business ryhmes with "Rears"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

American Girl Sale ends Nov 13

Save 25% through Nov. 13

American Girl Doll Sale on Cecile and Marie-Grace. These two historical figures are discounted~ but the sale ends tomorrow!